AN aeroplane, on route to Madrid from Gran Canaria, was forced to do a U-turn on Wednesday following a technical problem.

The Iberia IB3827, scheduled to depart at 11. 15am, finally took off from Gran Canaria airport at 12. 20pm after being delayed twice.

On-board passenger José Marí a Monzó n said that as  the plane was about to pass Fuerteventura, family and friends informed those on board that it needed to return to Gran Canaria because the initial was having faults with the gps.

But José furthermore said it was clear there were issues with the plane in the first place, because passengers have been told the initial delay was right down to a technical fault.

The plane returned to Las Palmas airport, landing safely, and, although it was on the ground, technicians began to repair the problem.

Iberia staff offered the passengers the option of leaving the particular aircraft, or staying on board.

It is the second time this particular month that an Iberia flight through Gran Canaria has had technical troubles, causing the plane to return shortly after take-off.

The first incident happened on 17 th November, and again the issue involved the navigation system.