The president of the Cabildo of Gomera, Casimiro Curbelo, confirmed on Thursday that the island is now free of COVID-19, after the last infected person has given a negative test meaning they have fully recovered from the virus.

“It is very good news, we were the first Spanish territory to register a positive and, now, we are beginning to emerge from this situation with the certainty that our healthcare system is knowing how to respond to it,” he said.

In addition, Curbelo thanked the work of the personnel at the health centres on the island, as well as the rest of the volunteer groups and organisations, and state security forces that “are doing an excellent job.”

He emphasized the importance of not letting down their guard, and defining a strategy of clarity appropriate to the reality of each island territory, understanding that the health, economic and social situation is different in each one.

For these reasons, he insisted on a return to staggered normality in which security goes hand in hand with the reactivation of the productive sectors.

Thus, he put forward his proposal for La Gomera to start de-escalation as soon as possible, based on the impact of the virus on the island territory, which has only had 13 positive cases, although he specified that this process will not allow the anyone to leave or enter the island without the current controls.

“We propose greater mobility between municipalities, but not open the island up. We have to maintain controls at the port and continue to close the airport until we have more detection means,” he said.

Curbelo alluded to the set of actions that the Cabildo has been carrying out since March, with the purchase of health equipment that has been distributed in care centers, vulnerable groups, and to services that maintain attention to the public.

“From the first moment we were able to acquire masks, gloves, overalls and other preventative equipment,” he explained.

In addition, he referred to planning in the economic sector, in which he works, with an agenda of actions that covers all sectors of the island’s productive fabric.

“We will do so imminently, with incentives to the primary, industrial and service sectors, because at this time we must provide them with support,” he stressed.


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