A  SEEKER and his cameraman pal were discovering caves last February, looking for a good Albino spider to photograph, whenever they stumbled across the skulls of 2 new-born Guanche babies, hidden within a large crack in the wall,

Domingo the hunter, great friend, Sergio, told the push about their discovery on Wednesday, in great detail, of their emotions the moment they came across the small skulls, hidden in a crevice at the rear of some carefully-placed  rocks in a Guia de Isora cave, on Tenerife’ s west coast.

Initially, they thought they were dolls’ heads, until they inspected additional and discovered human remains, covered in some type of animal skin.

They then realised what they experienced come across because they were typical of the aboriginal funeral ritual.

Domingo and Sergio hope that will their discovery can help to understand the funeral ritual performed by the Guanches whenever their young died.