EARLIER this year, people of Lions Club Tenerife Isla Sur were being hosted with the Adeje Bomberos, at the fire train station in Fañ abe. It was the thank-you for financially supporting the senior member of the Bomberos to go to a special, week-long, training seminar within France.

This was to coach a firefighter in locating plus rescuing people trapped underground, in case of a building collapse. We questioned the Bomberos which piece of required equipment was at the top of their desire list… they replied: “ the drone”.

Fire practitioners all over the world now use commercial-quality drones for assessing the extent of the fire in a building or woodland. They are used to locate missing people by mapping out a large portion of land, then automatically traversing the location.

If a car falls a ravine, the drone can be utilized close up to see if there are individuals in the car or surrounding region. Likewise, with boats going on the particular rocks at sea, or individuals falling over cliffs, a jingle can be used to assess the situation.

A major part of this project for the club is to not only fund the device, but to train a number of “ pilots”, to be able to maximize their use. They have to be trained by professionals, and complete examinations under the control of AENA the particular airport authorities.

The particular handover of the drone took place final Thursday, and local dignitaries through Adeje and Arona town halls were present to witness the inaugural flight of the Lion Drone.

The Adeje volunteers would be the first firefighters in the south associated with Tenerife to have use of this essential equipment. As we are all residents in this field, we call it enlightened self-interest to get access to this modern technology.