Canary Islands Tenerife Tenerife calls time on beaches’ rock towers

Tenerife calls time on beaches’ rock towers


VOLUNTEERS within Tenerife plan to remove hundreds of the particular man-made stone-tower piles on seashores, because of their negative impact on the environment.

The towers have been constructed by tourists along the beaches associated with El Beril, in Costa Adeje, and Jardí n, Puerto sobre la Cruz.

Indeed, they give the coastline an original instead of unattractive twist. But environmentalists is much from pleased because shifting the particular stones from their natural “ habitat” is threatening the island’ t flora and fauna.

In a bet to reverse the effects, a group of volunteers last week began returning them to their particular rightful place on Jardí n seaside, returning it to its original state.

Meanwhile, Adeje Council know about the movement on El Beril beach, a spokesperson saying: “ There is a plan to remove these systems in Adeje, too. But this particular cannot be done by anyone. To shield the environment, it needs to be carried out simply by experts, working with a team associated with volunteers.   We still simply no date for this in Adeje, however it is on the agenda. ”

The trend for stone systems is not peculiar to the Canary Islands, require two Tenerife beaches hold the report in Europe for the short-time statues, featuring a 200-metre-long stretch of systems, 15 metres wide, along the promenades.

There are places almost all along the Spanish coastline, where vacationers and locals alike attempt to depart their mark.

Yet lawyer Jaime Coello maintains you’ d have to go to Hawaii, Aruba or the Ré union island, within the Indian Ocean, to see anything very on the scale of those in Tenerife.

Coello is Movie director of the Telesforo Bravo Juan Coello Foundation, which has organised the removal of the particular stones on the northern beach, within collaboration with the Puerto de una Cruz Council.

These types of mounds, used in the past for crowning graves, have been present for centuries, within the spiritual traditions of various cultures around the globe.

They range from Scottish cairns, indicating the location of a burial plot, to the Zen tradition, in which the departed are symbolised by the tower, plus their experiences in life by the rocks.

Then, in 1987, the Harmonic Convergence, a synchronised, meditation event, co-ordinated from the Western Coast of America, sparked the trend for erecting the rock towers.

Soon, individuals everywhere were doing it, usually to find out how many stones they could get to stability on top of one another.

The consequence of these towers on the environment differ. Matí as Fonte, Dean from the Official School of Biologists within the Canary Islands, says they cause the particular landscape’ s deterioration, the level of the impact dependent on the elevation of the towers.

The larger the tower, the more shadow this produces… and the more pressure this exerts on the ground. Above all, though, the particular towers affect the habitats of creatures and plants.

Beneath each stone, there is a vertebrate plus invertebrate ecosystem of bacteria, lichens and fungus, which are disturbed whenever they are lifted up. Ground snails, limpets and crabs are the majority of at risk, along with seaweed and lichen, according to Fonte.

Additionally there is a geological impact. “ Moving the particular stones, artificially, removes information about the particular land on which they lie since the rocks act like books, in which we are able to read the story of the Earth, ” says Ramó n Casillas, teacher of Geochemistry and Petrology on the University of La Laguna.

“ Man has to depart his footprint wherever he will go, ” he adds.



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