ON a sunlit, but blustery, Friday afternoon, more than 80 people converged on Una Esquina bar in San Blas.

The occasion? In order to celebrate the opening of a brand new Vym Canarias office on the Golfing del Sur, the fifth across the coast of south Tenerife, for that island’ s most-successful estate company.

As the wine ran and the tapas were consumed, there were the chance to discuss, at length, the home requirements of our new neighbours. Unsurprisingly, their needs were pretty blended.

Whilst some were hoping to find a holiday home where they could get away, should the Beast from the East go back to UK shores, any time soon, many had been looking to make a permanent move to the region.

When asked for their particular reasons for wanting to buy on Tenerife, the weather was, as usual, at the top of record, closely followed by the desire for an even more relaxed way of living.

Oddly enough, the elephant in most areas at the moment, namely Brexit, didn’ capital t seem to be too concerning for most of these we spoke to; the general opinion was that life would go on basically as normal, come 29 th March 2019.

What did shock us was the demand for high-class properties, and, whilst there are several instead nice villas on the Golf, i was able to put people in touch with the other offices along the coast, so far as Callao Salvaje, to allow them to spread their own nets a bit wider.

We were also able to discuss, on length, some of the exciting new advancements that are springing up all over this particular part of the island, a true sign associated with resurgence, if ever there were one.

For Vym Canarias, it had been a very successful evening, allowing all of us to meet both existing and new business, in a relaxed and convivial environment. If this event were anything to pass by, Apolina, the Golf del Sur’ s manager, and her group, are going to be very busy, over the arriving weeks and months.

If you would like further information on any of the properties, do get in touch on 922 787 210 or 607 733 052, or go to our site www.tenerifecenter.com