FOUR months after being ransacked by thieves, the Roman archaeological remains in the Rio Verde valley, near Marbella, are still awaiting the installation of security cameras.

A gang of robbers described as “inexperienced” by police, plundered valuable limestone, ceramics, glass and slate from a portrayal of the mythological gorgon Medusa.

The ancient spot, once part of the great Roman city Cilnania, has been considered a Site of Cultural Interest since 2007, but remains woefully under-protected. It now comprises the ruins of a late first century AD Roman villa, of which only the spectacular tiled floor depicting an eccentric series of images remains.

Apart from Medusa’s head, a symbolic Roman method for deterring thieves, evil spirits and unwanted guests that clearly does not hold the same sway with modern bandits, the remaining images feature household objects such as kitchen utensils, plates of food and items of clothing.

Following the raid in January this year, the local council immediately vowed to put additional security measures in place, but plans have been delayed due to a lack of electricity supply at the site.

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