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Wine-bottle labels in Braille



A WINE merchant in western Spain has printed its bottle labels in Braille so that blind consumers can find out about what they are drinking.

The bodega, or wine producer La Pelina in Puebla de Sancho Pérez, in the land-locked region of Extremadura has gained an award from the national blind association ONCE for its clever initiative.

Although Braille wine labels have been used at La Pelina for about two years, the family firm has only just seen the fruits of its labour: early last month, a blind customer visited the store and was ‘delighted’ to be able to read what was on the bottles, says current front man Bonifacio Fernández.

The feedback from the customer in question was that the ‘translation’ was ‘perfect’ and very easy to read.

From this moment on, the bodega has gone viral on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere on the internet, since it is the only known wine merchant’s in Spain which puts Braille on its labels.

The bottles explain the name of the wine and its ‘main features’, says Fernández, but due to space restrictions, it has not been possible to give exhaustive information.

This way, anyone who buys one of La Pelina’s 13 brands of wine ‘knows what they are drinking’ and ‘does not have to ask people about it’, says ONCE member Ángel Coronado, who is blind.

It’s a great way to integrate us blind people and shows consideration for us,” Coronado says.



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