Spanish news Barcelona blocks tiny ' haibu' living pods

Barcelona blocks tiny ' haibu' living pods



Can 2 . 4 sq m (25. 8 sq ft) living pods be the answer to the housing turmoil in Western cities?

One company in the The spanish language city of Barcelona thinks so : but the city’s mayor disagrees and it has blocked them.

“Fortunately piling up people is prohibited, inch Ada Colau, a former housing plus anti-eviction activist, told reporters.

Barcelona’s regulations state housing units must have a minimum space on the floor of 40 sq m, Este Paí s newspaper reports.

Í ñ igo Errejon, an MP from the anti-austerity celebration Podemos, said there were “similar homes in cemeteries – they are known as coffins”.

A shameful task that thankfully the Barcelona regulators appear to be halting , ” he or she tweeted.

Do you know the pods like?

Undeterred, the company, Haibu 4. 0, can be pressing on with its project Haibu, which means beehive in Japanese, plus takes inspiration from Japan’s well-known capsule hotels.

They have started building the first pods upon empty business premises and states they will be ready by the end of the 30 days. A total of 38 capsules will be obtainable , it says.

Each capsule includes a bed, TV, storage space and strength plugs. There is also a living area using a kitchen equipped with several microwave stoves, a lounge and bathrooms. The particular monthly rent of € two hundred (£ 180; $235) includes expenses and wifi, the company’s website states.

They are significantly smaller sized than shipping containers, which have been changed into low-cost housing in several locations all over the world and come in two sizes, providing 15 sq m or 30 sq m of floor space.

Who would live in them?

The pods would be leased to people aged between 25 plus 45 who had a minimum income of € 450. About five hundred people have shown an interest, the company states.

People are social animals meant to live in supportive communities, the web site adds. However the rules stipulate that will no more than one person is allowed to reside in a pod and people are not permitted to have sex in them “in order to keep respect for the others living there”.

Victoria Cerdan, among the entrepreneurs behind the project, informed AFP news agency the pods would enable people who could not pay for available housing to “band jointly and move ahead”.

“Obviously it is not adequate housing, nobody would want it for themselves, inch she said. “But no one desires a monthly salary of five hundred euros and unfortunately they can be found. Instead of living on the street, we offer this particular. ”

Another partner in Haibu 4. 0, Edi Wattenwil, informed El Paí s that the pods aimed to provide accommodation with higher privacy than could be found in hostels with several bed frames to a room.

“Citizens who are going through a difficult financial time period should not have to sleep out on the particular streets or in a hostel. The company lets them live with pride… ”

Can it fill a gap in the market?

It comes against a history of soaring rents in large Spanish cities. In Barcelona the common rent for a flat rose simply by nearly a third between 2014 plus 2017 to just over € nine hundred, AFP reports.

Within 2016, the average monthly salary in Spain has been € 1, 930 , the particular country’s National Institute of Stats says. Those under 30 had been earning an average of less than € one, 400.

Haibu four. 0, says it is ready to shift its project to another European town with similarly high rents for example Copenhagen, Paris or Rome when the Barcelona authorities do not allow it to use, El Paí s reports.

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