The spanish language authorities have charged five individuals suspected of kidnapping undocumented migrant workers arriving from Morocco and keeping them for ransom.

The group, most of them Moroccan by origins, would go to the Algeciras area plus pick up victims coming off motorboats, the Civil Guard say.

Victims would be selected depending upon how likely they would fetch a ransom of between € 500 plus € 2, 000 (£ 430-£ 1, 750).

Algeciras, near Gibraltar, is commonly used being a crossing point by migrants.

The gang apparently waited on boats to arrive in the shore near the port, promising to assist migrants find family members in Spain.

Victims were then apparently taken to a house in a nearby neighborhood where they were kept in areas and forced to give up personal products.

They would apparently be interrogated by their captors to determine their financial value and inheritor relatives would be contacted with ransom demands.

The particular suspects are three men and a lady originally from Morocco, with residency in Spain, and a woman with The spanish language citizenship.

The particular men allegedly carried out the kidnappings and extortion while the women are usually said to have kept watch on the captives.

All 5 have been remanded in custody with out bail.

A note on terminology: The BBC utilizes the term migrant to refer to everybody on the move who have yet to complete the particular legal process of claiming asylum. This particular group includes people fleeing war-torn countries such as Syria, who are probably granted refugee status, as well as those who are seeking jobs and better lifestyles, who governments are likely to rule are usually economic migrants.