As much as 4. 6m bottles of The spanish language rosé wine have been labelled because French and sold in French coffee shops, bookstores, hotels and restaurants, officials state.

The findings originate from France’s anti-fraud directorate after a two-year inquiry into producers, importers, investors and distributors.

While many wines were correctly labelled, up to several. 45m litres of Spanish wines was disguised as French, the particular reports says (in French).

Labels had been either deceptive or false.

The most common offences involved obscuring the true origin of the wine or even sticking a French symbol like a tricolour on the bottle with labeling such as “Produced in France” or even “Bottled in France”.

Other transgressions involved hiding the real origin on bag-in-box wine at the underside of the packaging or even under the handle.

The facts are inflammatory, especially for wine-producing parts of southern France that have battled inexpensive imported wine from Spain.

Responding to reports that this amount of wine involved was just as much as 7m litres, the head of the youthful wine-producers organisation in the Hé rault region, Remi Dumas, said: “For those who wonder why we show, for all the wine-producers who aren’t troubled by our calls for protest! Customers open your eyes! 10m containers of fake rosé from The country of spain. ”

“Rosé -lovers beware, ” cautioned Le Parisien newspaper on Mon. “You’re in danger of a nasty surprise with happy hour. ”

The Parisien quoted one senior standard as saying that as much as 7m lt of wine had been “Frenchified”.

“We’ve identified fraud in four trader-producers, ” Alexandre Chevallier of the General Directorate for Competitors Policy, Consumer Affairs and Scams Control (DGCCRF) told the newspapers.

The government entire body behind the report says anybody found guilty of such fraud can face two years in jail.

Earlier this year the French anti-fraud entire body revealed that as many as 66. 5m bottles of wine had been passed off because superior Cô tes du Rhô ne from 2013 to 2016, in a scam that affected UNITED KINGDOM drinkers as well as French.