A GROUP of 40 Spanish lawyers gathered outside the Orihuela College of Lawyers in the early evening of Thursday March 17 to express their total rejection of the preliminary agreement which was recently made public between Turkey and the European Union and is likely to be approved in Brussels by the 28 member states.

Under the new agreement, undocumented migrants who have entered the EU will be sent back to Turkey in exchange for approved refugees, and Turkey will be compensated with financial aid and political concessions. 

In a statement, Secretary of the Orihuela College of Lawyers D. Federico Ros stated:

“Applying this measure indiscriminately to all, without differentiating between different cases, would mean a radical and blatant violation of international and European law. 

The Geneva Convention for Refugees, the European Social Charter, the European Convention on Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, and the Constitution of the Member States, in other words all of the legal organisations that make the EU a bastion of Human Rights, would amount to nothing if a measure of this nature were passed.

The cited laws call for an ordered, dignified and personalised study of every application for international protection, like those which the thousands of human beings calling at the doors of the EU have submitted. This is perfectly possible in a Europe with more than 500 million people, in which the admission of refugees, regardless of the number, is only a small contribution to the overall identity of the EU. 

Any measure of collective expulsion is radically prohibited by the International and European system of Human Rights. 

The Rule of Law, which defines the European Union, signifies that the law must work to limit and control political conduct, so that politicians must comply strictly and rigorously with the law at all times.

The pre-agreement made public is such a violation of International and European law that we, the lawyers of Spain, are appealing to all the world, in the name of the law, for all legal systems to express a radical outcry against such an attack on international human rights.”