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By Kevin Reardon / 2016-01-26 10:51:13

The SAMU Emergency Services were called to a property overlooking Playa Aguamarina on Monday where they found a man lying in a pool of blood, apparently stabbed to death, and still handcuffed to another woman. They said that the scene was such that any possibility of resuscitation was completely futile.

The medics immediately called the Guardia Civil who attended the incident at approximately 2am in Calle Vicente Blasco Ibanez. A spokesman said that the 49 year old man, of Italian nationality, was pronounced dead at the scene. T

he body was found lying on a bedroom floor where he was handcuffed to a Romanian woman, who’s mouth was covered in tape. Early indications are that the crime was committed by three hooded men who broke into the property through a window.

The house where the incident occurred is located in a quiet and select residential area overlooking the sea, very close to the beach at Caleta de Glea. As investigators try to piece the clues together one aspect that they said to be concentrating on is whether the incident could be related to drug trafficking.

They suspect that the assailants are also Italian nationals and that they knew the victim, as they apparently went straight to the house. The body was taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for autopsy.

Just last week a British man was killed in a brawl at a bar in Villamartin, also on the Orihuela Costa, after he had been stabbed with a bottle in the neck, while a week earlier a 45 year old Swedish man was arrested in Torrevieja, accused of killing his father. 

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