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By Kevin Reardon / 2016-02-21 10:17:36

Ciudadanos say that they will ask for a beach to which dogs can be admitted at the next Plenary meeting of the Orihuela Council. They say that the initiative will help the tourism market, although quite how they fail to amplify.

Councillors Juan Ignacio Lopez-Bas and Luisa Bone state that the 17 km Orihuela coastline should certainly be able to provide at least one beach that provides access to dogs and although they aren’t specific with any particular recommendation they give Cala Mosca as one example.

They say that in order to win additional visitors into the area, beaches must be made accessible to people who enjoy the accompaniment of their pets, However they also insisted that the project should only go ahead if all health and hygiene guarantees are fulfilled.

However Snr Lopez-Bas and Snra Bone, perhaps before you propose your initiative to the plenary you ought to first take a look at the dog fouling that is already so prevalent on the coast, particularly in public areas and parks where many young children play and where the disposal facilities you propose for the beaches are yet to be installed. I am absolutely fed up of asking dog owners to pick up the mess that they regularly leave deposited on our streets.

Dog fouling is not just unsightly, it can also prove hazardous to people’s health, so until you are first able to resolve that little difficulty in our streets and in our parks I wouldn’t want to see the problem moved onto our wonderful local beaches.


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