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By Kevin Reardon / 2016-02-04 15:14:25

Employment Councillor Victor Valverde, announced the schedule of free training courses being held in Orihuela for the unemployed during the first half of 2016 which are based on agriculture, tourism, construction and restoration.

During the month of February, the planned courses Management of Pesticides,  Food Handler and Masonry. In March the courses consist of Forklift Operator and Job Search Techniques while April will see repeats of the Food Handler and Pesticide Management courses.

There will be a building course in May  and in June with another food handler course and pesticides management course, as well as the Basic Service of Food and Beverages.

“These free training courses are a great opportunity for people who are currently unemployed to expand their experience and portfolio” he said “which will increase their chances in the job search,” said Valverde.

Those interested in joining one or more courses can register with the Agency for Employment and Local Development in Orihuela, located at Rua Adolfo Clavarana, 6. Alternatively you can call for more information on 966 737 993.

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