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By Contributor / 2016-02-21 10:23:00

On the 24th and the 28th February the Orihuela Costa Parish, Cristo Resucitado (The Resurrection of Christ) will receive the Most Reverend Jesús Murgui, Bishop of the Diocese of Orihuela-Alicante. This will be his first Pastoral Visit since the parish was established..

The events to be held on the two days will be as follows:

On Wednesday the 24th at 5.30pm the Bishop will meet the representatives of the Romanian Orthodox Church, the Evangelical Church and the Anglican Church, the communities that share the Ecumenical Centre with the Roman Catholic Parish.

Following the meeting the Bishop will meet the Parish Council and representatives of Caritas, Catechesis and the Liturgy section who will acquaint the Bishop with the activities within the Parish.

However the main event of the visit will be held on Sunday 28th February when the Bishop will celebrate Holy Mass at 11.00am. The service will take a place in the Ecumenical Centre the Bishop will be assisted by groups from the Parrish and the local community. He will bless the new altarpiece and the presbytery designed by local architect Mr. Angel Gambín.

Directly after the Mass there will be an open assembly where the Bishop will introduce himself to the congregation. He will also respond to any questions submitted by the gathering. The dialogue will be fully translated from Spanish to English language so as to ensure that everyone understands what he has to say.

This Pastoral Visit is a very special and unique event for members of the Cristo Resucitado parish who would be delighted to share it with as many residents of the Orihuela Costa as possible. As such the parish council would like to invite everyone living on the Orihuela Costa to go along and join in with this little piece of local history.

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