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By Kevin Reardon / 2016-02-04 15:16:03

The PSOE have said that money is available to build La Zenia Emergency Centre if only the Orihuela mayor Emilio Bascuñana would be more persistent in his approach to the Valencian government.

They accuse the mayor of having a lack of dialogue with the Consell, more of which, they say, would enable the government to reach agreements, which in turn would help to resolve many of the ongoing problems in the area, some of which date back for more than 20 years

Socialist party leader, Carolina Gracia, used the occasion of last week’s visit to the city by Corts Valencianes Deputy Manuel Pineda and the PSOE regional secretary, David Cerdan, to accuse the mayor of a lack of willingness even to open dialogue with the Valencian Government.

 Gracia said that money is available in Valencia as demonstrated only last week by the release of almost half a billion euros by the Education Minister and that Bascuñana lacks courage to talk seriously about the many serious issues that affect the area.

If he were a little more forceful, the Orihuela Costa Emergency Coordination Centre, announced with great fanfare during the latter stages of Monica Lorente’s government, could be completed within the next year or two.

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