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By Kevin Reardon / 2015-08-01 16:25:27

A boat with at least four immigrants on board, was intercepted last week off Santa Pola after a local fisherman called the emergency services when he became suspicious in the harbour.

He told sources that at about 1615 hours he saw a boat landing about 15 people on the seafront at Mirador de Tabarca, although the figure is still being investigated. The Guardia Maritime Services were quickly on hand to make the arrests.

The say that the boat was made of fiber, it was 3mtrs in length with a 10 horsepower engine. After two hours, the patera was transferred to the Maritime Rescue unit in the port of Alicante.

Four of the crew were arrested and taken to the headquarters of the Armed Forces Institute of Santa Pola. Although they were generally in good health, all were treated for severe sunburn and dehydration. Only one of them required further treatment from Red Cross doctors who had moved to the barracks.

It is said that one of the four detainees claimed to be minor and that, according to their statements they had all spent three days at sea since they began their journey although details of their nationality was not disclosed.

The Civil Guard investigation is now focused on finding out how many immigrants were aboard the boat, as it appears likely that some of them fleeing to succeed in the race after landfall disappeared after landing in Santa Pola.