Torrevieja | Vega Baja Torrevieja workers are against change to contract

Torrevieja workers are against change to contract


THE decentralisation of street cleaning and rubbish collection in Torrevieja would, according to the unions, result in a pay cut for Acciona workers of up to €5,000 especially for more senior staff.

Workers would go from being part of the Acciona workforce to municipal workers and it is claimed they would lose their two annual bonus pays; at Christmas and in the summer.

The unions have raised to the City Council the possibility of creating a public service management company, as in Guardamar, which would guarantee their existing employment rights.

The mayor has long since wanted to keep street cleaning and rubbish collection in- house to remove any doubt over fixing or corruption within the maintenance contracts. 

The town hall believes it can save money, even with the initial large investment for the purchase of vehicles.


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