A 64-YEAR-OLD taxi-driver, from Granadilla de Abona, was murdered on Wednesday early morning in the early hours, having showed up home after his night change.

The tragic occurrence occurred at the communal garage associated with his San Isidro home, within Edificio San Miguel, Calle Mis Gonzalez, to where he and his long-time partner had moved, recently.

The victim, known as Gabino, was found battered to passing away inside the garage, and sources show that he was discovered with many injuries, caused by a beating, along with various burns across his body.

Guardia Civil officers furthermore believe that he was tortured, seriously, before being killed.

Gabino, acknowledged to be a hard-working taxi cab driver, had been on the night change in the days leading up to his loss of life. That meant he finished am employed at around 3-4am.

He’d then park up the taxi and  climb into his 30-year-old traditional, white-seat, Ford Transit, to make their way home.

Over the night of his murder, it was thought that all he drove into his garage area to park his Transit, as always, when his attackers jumped upon him, beating and burning your pet to death.

Their body was discovered at six. 30am by other neighbours residing in the apartment block, but the purpose was unknown as we went to push.

Yet the violence utilized to murder the unsuspecting taxi drivers was unquestionable. Granadilla’ s Nearby Police were informed, immediately, and many officers were dispatched to Calle Los Gonzalez, upon arrival.

The area was cordoned away, promptly, to prevent the evidence being tampered with, while Guardia Civil officials from Granadilla and Las Americas were informed, as well as the UOPJ specialized unit, who have joined forces to consider charge of the investigation.

Forensic teams were also in the scene, collecting the relevant evidence plus taking detailed photographs until past due on Wednesday evening.

And, for now, the courts possess decreed secrecy during the investigation process.

Gabino, who had been wedded previously, had one daughter together with his former wife, from whom he previously been divorced for many years.

The daughter and her companion arrived at the scene, where the girl was described as being extremely distraught as she hugged friends plus relatives.

She had been allowed to go to the garage entrance, exactly where she received what information has been known about the crime.

The woman left the scene along with her partner, shortly afterwards.