SPONTANEOUS protests erupted across Catalonia this week simply by people demanding the release of separatist leaders, after they had been given stiff phrases by the Spanish Supreme Court. Thousands of furious Catalans marched on Barcelona, taking to the city’ s roads, and its airport, from Monday onwards.

On Wednesday, for your third consecutive night, there were a lot more ugly riots, the most intense up to now, combined with firework blazes, as the Mossos d’ Esquadra (Catalan Police) fought to contain the protesters, leading to the city lockdown as a result. Radical protesters even launched firework rockets on the Mossos’ helicopter, but to simply no avail.

The Catalans’ anger turned to violence because 9 democrats and civil society commanders had been imprisoned for several years after arranging a 2017 referendum for Calatan independence, which had been banned by Spanish Government.

Catalan President Quim Torra, who ruined the riots as several busts were made, said: “ There is absolutely no justification for burning cars or even for any vandalism. This has to stop. ”

Earlier, though, he previously stressed: “ My Government failed to accept a verdict, which was a good insult to democracy that demonstrated contempt for Catalan society”.

Meanwhile, groups of hooded rebels faced off against the Mossos, the particular battle taking place against a background of fire, burning cars, hurled stones, acid and Molotov drinks, much like a war zone, while eighty people were receiving treatment in medical center.

The start of these scary demos followed Monday sentencing from the Catalan leaders to prison, through nine to 13 years, meant for sedition and misuse of general public funds in a failed 2017 self-reliance bid.

Within a few minutes of the ruling, demonstrators poured onto the streets of the Catalan capital, waving flags and blocking traffic on the conviction of the separatist leaders. A lot more was to follow!

The particular protests got underway in Barcelona, including one on the city’ ersus main thoroughfare, the Via Laietana, with angry supporters of the Catalan leaders demanding their release.

Crowds also gathered from Plaç a San Jaume, it of the Catalan government in Barcelona. There were also reports of protesters putting barricades across train paths and roads.

In the meantime, Democratic Tsunami, a group advocating a lot more active forms of civil disobedience, delivered a message to its 150, 1000 members, urging them to march upon Barcelona Airport, some 15km through the city centre.

“ The time has come to make our tone of voice felt around the world, ” read the information. “ The goal: stop the game of Barcelona’ s airport. ”

Torra, flanked simply by members of the current Catalan Govt, said the Catalans would carry on and fight for independence, adding: “ Clampdown, dominance will never triumph over dialogue, democracy plus self-determination. ”

Movie images from the airport showed huge range police clashing with protesters, along with reports of tear gas getting fired inside the terminal. And some Catalonia police were charged of using excessive brutality upon protesters.

A 22-year-old man lost an eye fixed after being hit by a rubberized bullet, and there were other dreadful injuries reported during the fierce clashes between police and protesters.

At least 170 people are documented to have been injured, after large crowds of protesters gathered within the streets in the days after the judgment.

Shocking footage, submitted online, appears to show police ramming rebels with vehicles, an official throwing an old woman to the surface, as well as a man, already floored, becoming punched in the face by another official.

Violence also engulfed between those on opposite edges of Catalonia’ s independence issue, with one video showing a guy throwing an elderly lady towards the ground, after she had been taunting Catalonians with a Spanish flag.

In Barcelona centre, the particular rebels hurled bottles, flares plus fireworks at the Mossos, as well as making use of fences they had erected outside the Federal government Delegation in Barcelona… and anything they could get their hands on. Meanwhile, several highways were blocked.

Barcelona’ s El Prat Airport furthermore turned into a battleground, and more than 100 flights were cancelled upon Monday, plus another 45 upon Tuesday and more the following day. Chants, including “ give us back again the prisoners or the streets is going to be ours”, could also be heard.

Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, in support of the Supreme Court judges’ decision, wrote on Twitter: “ The Government of Spain respects plus abides by the decision of the The spanish language Supreme Court, which puts a finish to a judicial procedure meeting just about all requirements of due process, openness and separation of powers. ”

Sanchez, who deals with another General Election on tenth November, to try to regain his energy, added: “ Nobody is over the law. In a democracy, nobody can be subject to trial for his or her ideas or even politics, but , rather, for felony conduct as provided by the law. Vacation, there are no political prisoners, however, many politicians in prison for violating our democratic laws. ”


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