A MEDICAL CENTER in Bilbao allows children in order to “ drive” themselves to working theatres in toy electric vehicles, to let them assume their challenge is actually a lot of fun.

The IMQ Zorrotzaurre has purchased a job-lot of baby-cars, which porters operate by remote control.

And the kids, kitted out within gowns and gauze caps, rise aboard and steer the machine. A minimum of, that’ s what they think they’ re doing.

Medical center staff say the journeys, through wards or A& E towards the theatre block, were always punctuated with sobbing, and calls for mother or dad, among other shows of nerves and anguish.

Naturally, these trips had been extremely distressing for the kids, in addition to those working in the department.

Now, though, most of the children, aged two to six, are usually excited about driving to the operating theater, and everyone who uses the vehicle is calm and contented, without tears for fears.

“ It’ s a simple concept, but it’ s proven to be of big value in terms of humanising paediatric surgical procedure at our clinic, ” stated

Dr Nicolá ersus Guerra, Director-General of the IMQ Treatment centers chain.

He additional that the toy-car idea had recently been adopted by some State private hospitals, as well as those in the UK, France as well as the US where they are already stocking toy cars for theatre journeys.