BRITISH security services recruited an expat drug lord in Costa del Sol to act as a peacemaker, in an attempt to end a long-standing Scottish gang war, which has led to bloodshed over the years.

In a bid to settle the infamous Daniel v Lyons drug feud, which has threatened Scottish authorities for almost two decades, the expat was approached to persuade the rivals to agree a truce.

The wealthy criminal, in his 60s, was on business in London when contacted by representatives from MI5 or the National Crime Agency, reported Scotland’ s Daily Record newspaper.

It is not clear which intelligence agency approached the expat, who was jailed after a huge heroin haul was seized in Glasgow some years ago.

The feud broke out in 2001, when a stolen cocaine stash fuelled years of gang warfare.

Members Kevin “ Gerbil” Carroll, 29, and Michael Lyons, 21, were killed in a triple shooting in the Glasgow area of Lambhill, in 2006, but Steven Lyons, 37, survived.

He then went on the run in Spain, eventually joining forces with an Irish gang of drug-dealers on the Costa del Sol.

Another gang member, Billy Paterson, joined Lyons in Spain some time later, but he was eventually jailed in 2015 for killing Carroll.

However, the Daily Record reports that the drug lord failed to settle the issue, because neither gang would back down.

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