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WHO is this particular handsome boy? Another one of our canines at K9! His name is Kaiser. For those of you who follow K9 upon Facebook, you will be aware of dogs which are left tied up outside the kennels.

Unfortunately, this does occur, on occasion, and, a few months ago, this is what happened along with Kaiser. The manager pulled upward outside to open one morning, plus there he was. Once this individual was inside, we checked to get a chip, as we do with all canines that are found and brought to all of us, and Kaiser had one!

We felt relief. Probably Kaiser had been found by somebody, and they left him at CANINE. Maybe his owner is actually searching for him. We checked the nick with our vet and got the contact number, but , sadly, this particular number just rang out.

We tried several times to make contact with the owner, but we had no fortune. To this day, his owner still have not returned our calls or visit claim him, which makes us think he was left outside simply by his owner.

Kaiser was not in good condition when he or she came to the kennels, but this individual was a friendly, loving dog, which very quickly became a favourite among the dog walkers. For a little while, he or she was on his own in the kennel, yet we were then able to introduce your pet to one of our female dogs called Pinky, who he now presently shares with.

Pinky was found and brought to all of us around the same time as Kaiser. They do get on well with each other. Kaiser is an absolute pleasure to stroll and be around. He can be a little bit tense in the kennels, which is regular for all our dogs, but , as soon as he is outside and with our canine walkers, it is very easy to fall in love with your pet.

When our volunteers come back from a walk with your pet, they always say how excellent he is, how friendly he is and exactly what a good boy he is. All of which are extremely true.

He is the medium-sized, mixed-breed dog, and is regarding four and a half years old. If you would like to satisfy Kaiser, please call up to all of us any day between 9. 30am-1. 30pm. He is OK with most dogs, yet can have some attitude with some man dogs, so please keep that in mind.

If you or anyone you understand could give Kaiser a second opportunity in a loving, forever home, make sure you call us! He is waiting to meet a person! We are on Calle Chimbesque, in between Las Chafiras and Las Zocas. We look forward to seeing you! Get in contact by telephoning us on 667 638 468, or emailing info@k9tenerife. com

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We now have an online shop: www.k9tenerife.eu/welcome-to-our-k9-shop. Deliveries only to the UK, so make sure you spread the word among your family and friends in the united kingdom! Thank you very much!