A CLERGYMAN in Galicia has been able to prohibit mobile-phone use in his church, plus warn against it while generating, using a humorous message which has long gone viral on social media.

Xosé Manuel Lence, the vicar in A Ramallosa, a tied hamlet or parish of Nigrá and, in the Pontevedra province, since 2013, became fed-up with constant band tones during Holy Mass, therefore he put this sign on the particular church door:

“ On entering this cathedral, it’ s possible you’ lmost all hear ‘ God calling’. ”

“ But it’ s not very likely he’ ll be calling a person on your mobile. ”

“ Thank you for changing off your phone. ”

“ If you want to speak with God, enter, find a quiet part and talk to him. ”

The final message was obviously a serious nod to safe traveling, which, said Father Lence, had been “ mainly in jest”.

He wrote: “ In order to see God, send him the WhatsApp message while you’ lso are driving. ”

Dad Lence said it was “ a genial reminder”, and felt that humour was the way to do it. But this individual was not expecting to see it doing the models on Twitter, gaining hundreds of “ shares” and thousands of “ likes”, as well as several hundred comments, almost all positive.

At least Tweets users gave Father Lence the ‘ bravo’ for his incidental road-safety message, when sharing an image of the sign.