TEAM Equine Holidays are super happy to disclose that the grand total of € 1, 000 was raised from their latest fundraiser at the Terrace Bar, within Amarilla Golf. This money goes towards the upkeep of the horses within their care.

Big thanks a lot must go to Jakki Hooper, designed for organising much of the day, the booth holders, Andy and his team on the bar, all the entertainers who got part, including Mel Faulkner, Stacey Tippet, Radostina, the Tenor Ladies, Tenerife Dance Shows (plus others), the volunteers, and, of course , everybody who attended.

The children loved meeting some of the smaller creatures, and having their faces coated. The adults mooched around the stalls and had a beer in the sun, even while being entertained.

Equine Holidays are planning another day, at the same location, close to Christmas, so look out for that will, later in the year!