PASSENGERS upon a  Ryanair flight rescued the flight attendant as a man who else, allegedly, threatened to “ eliminate every single passenger”, grabbed a fire extinguisher, apparently to hit her with.

Mobile-phone footage shows holidaymakers on the Manchester-Gran Canaria flight fighting to restrain the man, who experienced flown into a fury.

He is believed to attempted opening the outside door several times, and he also cut the top of a female passenger throughout the incident, as well as taking her cell phone.

Passengers then needed to keep him pinned to the ground for about 45 minutes, while in the video, he is able to be heard shouting: “ I  will kill every single one of a person. ”

He provides:   “ I will literally burn off your house down. I’ ve matured in Little Level, Bolton, and am will defend for myself.

“ I will literally combat every one of you and kill you, and don’ t think I’ m fooling. I will kill every one of you! ”

The man was arrested  on arrival in Gran Canaria, after Ryanair called for police support

The trouble-maker, that has been banned, permanently, from every Ryanair flights, will be dealt with simply by Spanish police.