A MAN through India is understood to have prepared the human trafficking of immigrants, between Asian continent and Spain, through Morocco.

The charged was living, illegally, in Tangier, Northern Morocco, when his house was raided. He was discovered to have 16 immigrants living with your pet.

They were from Indian, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and had been said to have paid between one, 000 and 7, 000 bucks to enter Europe.

The illegal group will be evaluated to determine the route they took to reach Morocco, while the Indian man, evidently,   responsible for bringing them individuals to the country, will be investigated and will, most probably, face a trial if there is a case towards him.

In recent years, there is an increasing number of immigrants from Asia, however the bulk of them still originate from sub-Saharan regions.

Moroccan government bodies say that so far this year, they have deported a total of 30, 000 migrants, while in 2018, some 89, 500 illegals were sent back.