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HOW adorable is that face? Doesn’ t this individual look like a good boy? That’ h because that is exactly what he is. Meant for Game of Thrones’ fans, you should understand where his name came from.

Kahl’ s story didn’ capital t have a happy beginning. One Weekend morning, a few months ago, Fiona was traveling up to start her day at CANINE. As she pulled up the girl noticed a bag of as well as a red blanket outside. Because she was getting out of the car, the lady noticed a little pair of eyes taking a look at her from behind the counter. Another abandoned puppy.

She spoke calmly to your pet, and, within a few seconds, he noticed she was there to look after your pet, and he showered her with smooches and affection. He had been remaining outside the night before, not even tied up, and left to wander around. For whatever reason, he stayed near his quilt. Fiona named him Kahl, and became loved instantly by everybody at K9.

He or she was still a puppy, yet he was so loving, plus trusted everyone who met your pet. He still is. He has grown today, as puppies do, and is therefore willing to learn new things. He has already been going to a dog-training class each week, and does so well, showing exactly how clever he can be, and how nicely he can get on with other dogs.

He loves to play plus run around, and, for a canine of his age and dimension, this is what he needs. All the people that come to K9 and meet Zweckbetont have instant smiles on their confronts. He is such a sweet boy, plus everyone falls in love with him.

He currently shares by having an older male dog, Mufasa, who may be always a very sweet, obedient youngster, and they are well matched. With Zweckbetont being younger, he does need more play time, but Mufasa continues to be very patient him, even if he’ s not in the mood to try out.

If you go onto our own Facebook page you will see further photos and videos of Kahl. He or she is looking for his forever home. He or she didn’ t deserve to still left outside our gate, not knowing exactly what he had done wrong.

He can be easily trained along with patience, by the right person who really wants to help him learn. He displays so much love to everyone; can you display him the love he should get? Come and meet him from K9, any day between 9. 30am-1. 30pm.   We really advise that you meet him!

We are on Calle Chimbesque, among Las Chafiras and Las Zocas. We look forward to seeing you! Get in contact by telephoning us on 667 638 468, or emailing info@k9tenerife. com

Online store

We now have an online store: www.k9tenerife.eu/welcome-to-our-k9-shop. Deliveries to the UK just, so please spread the word amongst your family and friends in the UK.






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