Uncategorized Cell phone rescue App proves its really worth

Cell phone rescue App proves its really worth


A NEW cell phone App, linking users to the 112 emergency hotline, has already proved impressive, as a recent rescue on the well-known Camino de Santiago pilgrims’ path demonstrated.

Medical personnel from the Auritz (Burguete) station, within the

land-locked northern region of Navarra, located a lost hiker which, exhausted from going around in sectors, was stuck in a hard-to-reach woodland area, near the Ibañ eta town.

Yet he had downloaded the App ‘ My112’, and the emergency services could trace his exact location.

These were contacted by SOS Navarra on around 4. 22pm last Mon to say that a walker, on the well-known 1, 000-year-old route, had dropped his way on the border phase, between St-Jean-de-Pie de Port-Orreaga, the southern part of France, and Roncesvalles in Navarra.

The particular “ pilgrim”, from the Aragó and area of Zaragoza, said he had dropped over a few times and garbled his ankle. But , by striking the ‘ Emergency’ icon on ‘ My112’, the exact co-ordinates of in which he was based were flagged upward.

These were given to fire brigade authorities, so they knew they had to send away a 4× 4 vehicle, plus take climbing equipment to scramble down the steep hill, into the thick forest.

But the lost hiker, nevertheless able to walk, was redirected to the NA-2033 highway, which led to Ibañ eta town and the Espinal vacation park, where he was able to get a mattress for the night before continuing the next day.

While focusing on the Zaragoza man, the open fire brigade was already on site whenever, just over an hour later, they were known as to help a Colombian walker, who also had sprained his ankle.

Yet had the original trekker not already been traced so quickly, thanks to the Application, emergency services would not have been available to find the injured man.



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