Uncategorized Mojacar and Albox among resorts under intense scrutiny

Mojacar and Albox among resorts under intense scrutiny



HOLIDAY-HOMES in Mojacar, Albox and other coastal areas will come under intense scrutiny, following the passing of a new law regulating holiday rentals.

The decree was announced by Junta de Andalucia tourism minister, Francisco Fernandez, at the recent Fitur tourism-trade show in Madrid.

The new law will require owners of properties which are rented as holiday accommodation to register the property with the Junta.

Owners must also ensure their properties meet a set standard of regulations which include a long list of requirements.

According to the new law, properties should have air-conditioning (hot and cold) throughout, bed linen, a first aid box, a fire extinguisher, a clearly displayed rates sheet and contact information in case of emergency.  

Owners will also be required to make available an official Junta de Andalucia complaints book (hoja de reclamaciones).

Exceptions to the new rule include, properties rented to the same person for longer than two months, rural properties and in the case where the same owner owns a number of flats in the same block, these are regulated under existing laws.

The law is somewhat ambiguous in that it states that properties rented free of charge and those rented for just a few weeks per year are also exempt.

Owners have three months in which to register their property and one year to ensure all the requirements are met.

Hoteliers’ associations have long lamented what they called “unfair competition” from private holiday-home owners and welcomed the new ruling. Landlords, however, have widely condemned the excessive bureaucracy involved in treating apartments in a similar manner to hotels. 

The Junta minister said checks would be made on rental websites such as Airbnb and other sites where properties are advertised for rental.

Fines of up to €150,000 could be levied for failing to adhere to the new law.

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