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By Kevin Reardon / 2016-03-13 09:51:02


Mayors and councillors from over twenty municipalities across the region visited the Waste Plant de Algimia de Alfarar last week as they continue to look for a location for a recycling station in the Vega Baja. Whilst everyone accepts the urgency of establishing such a facility none of the local authorities want the new plant in their own backyard. The Director General of the Environment, Joan Piquer, said during the visit that he will continue to maintain an open dialogue with all municipalities who are interested in resolving the management of waste in the area.


Just one of the events marking International Women’s Day in Orihuela saw the councillors of Equality and Education, Sabina Galindo and Begoña Cuartero, open a new reading section in the Library Maria Moliner, where “all of the books and publications are on the subject of equality and rights for women.” 


The spokesman Ciudadanos in Torrevieja, Pilar Gómez Magan, has filed a motion, to be discussed at the next municipal plenary, proposing that all future plenary meetings be broadcast live through the internet. She says that council business must be absolutely transparent and this is the best way of ensuring that.

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