The VEGAN activist, who claimed to get been shot at by maqui berry farmers after stealing 16 of their rabbits, might actually have killed almost hundred of them.
“ Mythical Mia” launched a recovery mission, attempting to save rabbits from the farm, before  posting a video associated with herself on social media  having a blood-stained face and legs.
She claimed that the seeking farmers shot at her via a car window as she fled.
In a video, the particular Barcelona-based activist told her 40, 1000 Instagram followers that she experienced saved 16 rabbits.
But according to Spanish daily newspapers La Vanguardia,
ninety bunnies had to be put down because they had been left without a mother.
Five of them were reported to get died during the raid, while others experienced broken spines.
With an Instagram post following the raid, Mia wrote: “ Despite everything, We are just happy that those 16 life is free from harm. They make everything worthwhile. ”