A BRAND NEW mosquito species has arrived in Spain initially, and it could be carrying a lethal virus, according to the Health Alerts plus Emergencies Co-ordination Centre.

But experts believe it is fairly safe. It started with a basic photograph of one of these creatures getting sent to the Mosquito Alert web site, from a concerned person in Asturias.

He suspected it turned out not one of the normal types of the particular pests found in the area, and he has been asked to supply adult and larval specimens. It was confirmed that the test was of the Aedes japonicus mosquito, normally found in Asia.

To verify their decision, an area inspection was carried out at the web site of the discovery, led by the entomologists of Mosquito Alert, along with College of Zaragoza entomological team members.

They concluded that, rather than all of them being a few “ rogue visitors”, the mosquito type was right now established in the area and could well distribute further in time.

Aside from giving an irritating bite, like the majority of other mosquitos, it was felt this breed had the capability to transfer several viruses, including the West Earth, Dengue and Chikungunya.

But Roger Eritja, leader from the investigation, believes that the risk will be low, and adds: “ We have to consider that the risk of tranny of these diseases depends on the number of mosquitos present, and whether the virus is certainly circulating among the population.

“ At this time, we do not believe the numbers are high, plus, anyway, the conditions in Asturias are unlikely to encourage their own growth. ”

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