THE number of motorboat migrants arriving in Spain has increased simply by almost 400%, based on statistics through January last year.

An overall total of 4, 104 people found its way to 98 boats last month, upward from 1, 396 arrivals within January last year.

This particular follows a report that Spain is among the most popular route into Europe meant for migrants and refugees, coming from the country of Africa.

Statistics released last month by Frontex, the European Border and Coastline Guard Agency, showed the number of landings in Spain, via the Western Mediterranean path, doubled in 2018 to 57, 000, taking over from Italy because the most active migratory corridor.

The dramatic decline associated with illegal crossings into Italy, which usually fell by 80% in 2018 compared with 2017, came after a questionable deal that saw Italy instruction and financing the Libyan coastguard to stop migrants crossing the Mediterranean sea.

Meanwhile, Spanish Perfect Minister Pedro Sanchez has allowed the country to welcome migrant vessels and charity ships, denied entry by other European countries.

On Tuesday, the Spanish Ocean going Rescue were said to have preserved 278 people from three vessels across the Alboran Sea.