AN annual research, conducted by the General Council associated with Official Associations of Pharmacies (CGCOF), shows that Spain has now surpassed Indonesia and France as having Europe’ s largest, independent network associated with pharmacies.

At the end of 2018 when the report was carried out, an overall total of 22, 071 establishments had been recorded in the “ Annual Review of Collegiate and Pharmacies’.

The figure showed a small rise in previous years, with fifty new pharmacies opening, and twenty six closures. Some 35. 7% from the sites feature in provincial capitals, while the remaining 64. 3% are usually situated in municipalities.

Normally, each pharmacy has a client base associated with 2, 117 customers, which displays Spain as having one of the best proportions of clients-per-location in Europe.

In total, Spain has 74, 043 registered pharmacists, of which 71. 6% are female and forty five. 5% are under the age of forty-four.

Of the total number associated with pharmacists registered with the CGCOF, simply 59, 659 are active plus working, with 51, 959 (87. 1%) working in community pharmacies.