A GYM, able to convert human movement directly into energy to power machines, provides opened in Greater Madrid.

Mó nica and Juan Ignacio, the brains behind the particular project, who opened the Movewatts gym in Alcobendas, along with a good 11-strong team, say the fitness treadmills, exercise bikes and spinning apparatus generate power when they are used, and, successfully, fuel themselves.

A fitness center is designed to be used as a fitness automobile, as well for people of reduced flexibility. It has physiotherapy rooms, a psycho-motor rehabilitation unit, as well as nutrition plus dietician consultation areas, and it provides all-round, well-being for all the family.

Physiotherapist José Ignacio states the energy produced by the gym machinery can be re-used, but it is not quite sufficient to fuel the entire building and everything its functions.

Plus “ storing” energy generated simply by people exercising, to avoid buying strength from outside, is illegal. However the system does cut down the volume associated with traditional power needed to operate the business enterprise.

Also, those who develop this energy can “ store” points from how much they produce, and receive discounts on fitness center services, or on their monthly membership fees.

As modern society is becoming more aware of the need to shield the future of the planet, and the importance of non-polluting energy sources, this provides the perfect motivation for those who would otherwise fail to create a personal commitment to visit a fitness center for work-outs regularly.

While most gyms ban mobile phones, or maybe the use of them, at least, this physical fitness centre actually encourages users to create theirs with them, download the gym Application and use it to manage their activities, guide time-slots on machines and create appointments with their personal trainers and physiotherapists.

They can also connect their phones into the cardio devices to charge them, and electric-car users can charge their vehicles within the car park.

The cardiovascular machines are actually available from a firm in A Coruñ a, Galicia, just. They are made in Indonesia because of the higher costs of creating them in European countries, where they are far from mainstream.

The idea of “ eco-gyms” were only available in the US and a few have been set up in European countries, but this is the only fully-equipped someone to have been recorded in Spain, yet!