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THE sunsets in Tenerife could be pretty spectacular, and, with Una Gomera as a backdrop, they are an unique experience that visitors to Tenerife can also enjoy. To make it that little more magical, all of us set sail on the Mustcat Catamaran, for his or her first sunset trip of the time of year.

We were warmly welcome onboard by the crew, at the interface of Las Galletas. Tommy was your main guide, and Sergio plus David were at the helm. Using a few, easy steps it was easy to panel, and there was a friendly photographer to consider a nice photo of your group included.

We set off on 4. 30pm on the beautiful, clean, luxury catamaran. There was space on-ship for all the guests, and it didn’ to feel at all cramped. There was lots of seating in shade or sunlight, and you could sit and look off the ledge. There was netting at the front where you could possibly lie and catch a few sun rays, or dangle your feet, just in . from the Atlantic Ocean.

Tommy was very informative plus friendly throughout the trip. He started by providing us some information on the general strategies, and an overview of the trip, after which we were off to find some of the marine creatures around Tenerife.

All of us sailed out past Palm Scar and Los Cristianos, heading in the coast to see if we could place some pilot whales. It didn’ t take long to come across an entire family, and Tommy explained that will, later in the day, the man Pilot whales like to sleep on top, because they normally hunt the huge squid in the morning, and rest within the afternoon.

He stated the sleeping males, while the women and young were coming up correct next to the boat. We slowed up and it was easy to see the whales. We had decided, at this point, to take a seat on the netting at the front. The whales felt close enough to touch, and yes it was a magical experience with them going swimming just below our feet. We tied to them for a good amount of time, offering everyone the chance to see them, plus take pictures or videos.

Onboard, there was an open club, with free-flowing beer, sangria, carbonated drinks and water. The crew had been always there to serve all of us, and we could drink as much, or even as little, as we wanted. During the whole excursion there was a friendly photographer taking the magical experience of the visitors on the trip, along with some of the best pictures of Tenerife and its wildlife which the Mustcat team have taken. You can purchase a proposal as you leave the boat.

Heading back from La Caleta we sailed closer to shore previous Del Duque, and Tommy had been on hand to point out what we were viewing, and give interesting information about the structures and landscape of Tenerife.

While we were slowly touring down the coastline, the paella has been served. It was filled with delicious sea food, and there was also a vegetarian choice available. We had good-sized portions, plus there were even seconds available to people who wanted them.

Approaching to the cliffs of Palm Scar, we were on the hunt for dolphins. This didn’ t take us lengthy to spot some of the bottle-nosed variety, leaping alongside the boat.

We then stopped off for the swim; there were plenty of snorkels plus masks if you wanted to use them, also it was very refreshing to leap in and have a look at what was underneath the water. If you didn’ t wish to swim, you could stay on the vessel and carry on enjoying a cup or two of sangria.

Coming to the end of the journey, it was time for the sunset. We all started heading towards Las Galletas, and we spotted a couple of green ocean turtles resting on the surface. The team then positioned the boat therefore everyone could see the beautiful sun. With the small lighthouse on the stones, it was the perfect photo opportunity.

Then it was back into the particular port to end a great trip. Through the ages of 7-70, everyone recently had an amazing time. It was great worth with great service, and viewing the whales, dolphins and turtles in their natural habitat was a memorable experience.

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