AN Austrian man, detained by police within the early hours on Sunday pertaining to attempting to rape a woman outside the Northern Airport, has been released on bail.

The occurrence happened after the young Mexican lady arrived at the airport early, on her scheduled plane.

She wanted to prepare himself for the flight ahead, but the girl was unaware that the airport shut at night and did not open till 5am.

But as she waited away from building, the 41-year-old man questioned if she had a light intended for his cigarette, then launched themself at her with a terrible strike, ending up sitting astride her.

The particular unfortunate woman, frightened out of the girl wits, was able to free herself. The lady ran towards an oncoming taxi cab immediately, to ask for help, and an Uk tourist in the cab obliged.

The woman together with her rescuer, contacted a security safeguard, via the intercom at the airport’ s i9000 entrance, but they were told which he, and his other colleagues, were not permitted to leave their post.

At this stage the Spanish woman, who was also waiting around, witnessed what was happening and the National Police, who soon found the culprit.  

He was charged and asked at their headquarters, before getting handed over to the courts. But , to the woman’ s dismay, the would-be rapist was given bail.