CLEANER provides informed police of her anxieties that she might have disposed of the man’ s body without

realising, and her manager, 61-year-old Carmen Merino, is being researched by police, on suspicion associated with murder.

The solution, when interviewed by police, remembered how Merino asked her in the future to the home in Castro Urdiales, Cantabria, for a shift, despite no longer working for the woman for a long time.

She said she was informed to bring her car and recreation area it in her building, plus, on arrival, she found various bin bags, big, black plus heavy, sitting by the front door. As soon as she had cleaned the house, Merino ordered her to take the luggage in her car and remove them wherever she could.

The cleaner followed guidelines without looking in the bags, which usually, police now believe, could have included the severed remains of Merino’ s former partner.

The incident occurred a week following the grisly discovery of his mind in a box, which Merino experienced given to a friend for “ safekeeping” in March. She told her buddy that it contained sex toys, and that she’d be embarrassed if people discovered.

However , when a poor smell emanated from the box, the particular friend, from Sevilla, decided to open it up, only to see the severed head, which usually shocked her deeply.

Police are now looking for the rest of the man’ s remains in the Meruelo junk dump, which is one of the biggest in Cantabria. But they are not hopeful of finding your body.

Tests have verified that the severed head belonged to Baranda, and that it had signs of previously being “ manipulated… possibly burned”.

One theory is that Merino baked the head before storing this in the box, in the belief it wouldn’ t smell. Tests are usually ongoing to determine the cause of her previous partner’ s death.

Merino is being held in guardianship on suspicion of murder, as the motive of the crime remains the mystery.