THE Financial Development and Job Creation Section, led by Adeje Council’ h Manuel Luis Mé ndez Matn, is offering a work-based, virtual-training program for 15 women in the borough, in conjunction with the Cruz Roja.

The course is for women over the Adeje padron, and it offers a brand new kind of job opportunity for those with young kids or dependents, under their treatment.

“ It also pertains to and/or those aged over forty five, who need to balance their work together with their family commitments, so the schooling will allow them to work from home as digital assistants, ” said Cllr Mé ndez Martin.

The particular programme will offer various areas of understanding, required today by businesses within the digital sector. This includes training in electronic channels, financial managements and management, and classes in social networks, in addition to

reporting, design plus management.

They will furthermore receive training in the web, email marketing, fundamental video-editing and, in addition , orientation within the digital labour market.

On offer is 220 hours associated with training, divided into 100 hrs of actual training and 120 hours of practical training along with businesses in the digital sector, which may be fulfilled at home.

Once the women have completed the training course, they will be placed on the AITED list, from which they could receive job provides.